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Still working on animation

I am still working on the animation system. All the necessary data is read and imported correctly already. I just need to implement the instanced and skinned animation to complete the “musts”. But first I’m testing the animation with CPU skinning.

Meanwhile I found a cool model for testing purposes: Marcus from Gears of War. Found on this page:

I simply exported the 3ds Max model to COLLADA (including skeleton joints) with the OpenCOLLADA exporter plugin. The model uses a diffuse texture, a specular map and a parallax normal map.

Marcus from Gears of War

COLLADA model of Marcus from Gears of War

Just for fun I also created a comparison which shows the benefits of parallax mapping (or even just Dot3 Bump Mapping). The following GIF animation shows the model without Normal Mapping for the first 5 seconds and then 5 seconds with Parallax Map.

Comparison Normal Mapping

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