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Tidal Music app for Linux

This is a crosspost from my new blog over at

So recently I’ve started testing Tidal instead of Spotify. I actually like it better than Spotify so far, however at this point there are only native apps provided for Windows and OS X, as well as a web player for Chrome.

Since I’ve wanted to play around with Electron for a while now, I decided to use this chance and build a simple wrapper around Tidal’s web player and package it into a “native” Linux application.


Thanks to Electron the required code was minimal and it was a real breeze developing this little program. And in contrast to the official windows app, tidal-music-linux also supports the global media keys for controlling playback.

I’ve prepared a binary distribution for Linux x64 that you can download from GitHub. Alternatively you can also simply clone the repository and follow the instructions in the README to run it.

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