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One day this week I wanted to do something different and decided to resurrect an old little project called It’s just a simple review website and I could use […]

Building Ruby 2.1 x64 on Windows 8

Today I decided to play around with Ruby a bit again. The latest version being 2.1.2, official installers were only available up to 2.0. I know it’s only one minor […]

Focus on Programming

Sometimes I have trouble focussing on a single project. I then justify my behaviour with stuff like “Der Weg ist das Ziel” (the way is the goal). I just like […]

Building go-gl/gl on Windows

Today I decided I want to continue learning the programming language Go and write a small OpenGL program with it. For OpenGL I wanted to use the Go package “” […]

Game Engines

I didn’t have much time to write anything in the last months because I was busy finishing my studies, starting my own company with 2 friends and acquiring funding in […]

Ad-hoc mobile game console

Just a random idea that just occured to me: Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way to connect an arbitrary number of mobile devices (e.g. phones) to let […]

Collision Detection

Today I finally got the collision detection for my current game project functional. There are still a few minor bugs in certain sitatuations, but basically it’s working. For now I […]
Collision Detection

What’s next

Wow, it’s been nearly half a year since my last post. That was one busy semester at university! But the last one where I attended lectures and seminars.¬†From now until […]