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What’s next

Wow, it’s been nearly half a year since my last post. That was one busy semester at university! But the last one where I attended lectures and seminars. From now until mid March me and two friends are working on a demo for our first game which we plan to submit to Intel’s Level Up 2011 competition. Currently I’m working on the collision detection system.

The following summer semester will be my final one. Starting from March I will be busy writing my Master’s thesis, whose topic I still have to determine. With completion of my Master’s thesis in September I will conclude my studies and finally graduate with a Master of Science in Computing Science.

After graduation me and those two friends are planning to found our own game dev company called “Pixel Summoners”. We’ve been working on a business plan during this semester and even won our university’s internal business plan competition with it.

In conclusion I will be busy as hell for the forseeable future, which means that I probably won’t find the time to continue working on my Collada library, unless we actually decided to use it for our games – which we are considering. However, for now we get along with X files just fine.

Consequently during the next months I will predominantly write about our game project and as soon as I have found the topic about my Master’s thesis.

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